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50 Spiritual Questions

I found these questions here if you want to check it out. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? I would think I was 18, I don’t look or act my age (I’m 21). Which... Continue Reading →


My video game Funko POP wishlist

I love Funko POP’s, they’re so nice to look at and sometimes funny. This is a list of video game Funko POP’s that I’m looking forward to getting. Ezio | #21 | Assassin’s Creed II I have played most of... Continue Reading →

My all time favourite video games

This is a list of my all time favourite video games that I have played throughout the years, they're from my childhood to recent releases. Each one I highly recommend, if you haven't played them yet. The Last of Us/Remastered|... Continue Reading →

Video games I’m looking forward to

This is a short list of video games that have been announced that I am looking forward to in 2017-2018. I have listed two sequels and I have also avoided spoiling anything from the first games just in case you... Continue Reading →

Good Bye Call of Duty

Like most Call of Duty players, Modern Warfare was my first CoD game back in 2007 on the PlayStation 3. It was constantly recommended to me by a lot of people from my school and at the time, I had... Continue Reading →

To some its just a game – to us, its more

I'm a big gamer, I was raised playing them, there's nothing better than coming home after a bad day and turning on your console. I love a good story that drags you in and ends with you wanting more, The... Continue Reading →

Life isn’t short, it is just wasted

Recently I have been reading On the shortness of life by Seneca and within the first two pages, I got the message and started to think. You waste a large amount of your life chasing useless things, then complain that... Continue Reading →

I wish AMC would do a Breaking Bad spin-off series about Jesse

How long ago did Breaking Bad end? 2013! In 2015, they released the spin-off series Better Call Saul which is about Walter White’s lawyer six years before the events of Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad sort of ended with a cliffhanger.... Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead: How will it end?

My opinion on the TV show The show returns on 12th February and there is a lot that is about to happen to lead up to the All Out War story arc from the comics. The views have been dropping recently... Continue Reading →

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