When it comes to company rivalries, Microsoft and Apple is the biggest of them all. They’re both well-known, well-respected companies and both have contributed to creating personal computer for the public.

Apple (left) vs Microsoft (right)

If it wasn’t for Microsoft and Apple, the personal computer wouldn’t be as successful as it is today, it wouldn’t be as advanced.

Speaking of today, Apple is currently seen as the popular technology manufacturer, mainly because of their expensive iPhone and iPad range which is where most of their revenue comes from.

Microsoft is slowly starting to catch up, they have never been far behind Apple. The new iPhone 7 series has had mixed reviews — mostly criticism for removing the headphone port (I wrote an article on this already) which means users will have to purchase an adapter if they want to charge their iPhone 7 and plug in their headphones.

The adapter you’ll need to use your wired headphones and charge your iPhone 7

The new Macbook Pro, the one with the touch bar, has been criticised for also needing an adapter since there is no USB or SD memory card port. It just seems that Apple are making a lot of big costly mistakes which is making their users unhappy.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft, however, they have surprised a lot of people recently. Their new Surface range is a good Mac competitor, especially their new desktop “Microsoft Surface Studio”. Their new products seem to be more aimed towards creators/artists as well as businesses and it helps their products are more budget-friendly than Apple.

The way Apple seem to be heading, users will soon become frustrated and move on to another company and with Microsoft creating great new products, there is a lot of pressure on Apple. If they don’t pick themselves up, in the next five years or so, I can see Microsoft dominating the technology industry.

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