If you don’t know who Casey Neistat is, you probably don’t go on YouTube a lot. He is really popular on YouTube and probably the coolest.

Casey is a Father of two, Husband and entrepreneur who lives in the New York City. Before YouTube, he made advertisements for companies such as Nike, Mercedes and more. He later decided to focus all his time and effort into his YouTube channel, he is defiantly embracing the title “YouTuber” and he has changed how YouTube videos are made.

You can tell if a YouTuber is a fan of Casey or inspired by him since you see some of his techniques in their videos. Casey’s vlogs are unique, he starts off his video with a beautiful time-lapse of the city he is in, which is mostly NYC, followed by the date and episode number.

Every day since 26th March 2015, he has uploaded a vlog everyday — occasionally he will skip a day or more, if he doesn’t have access to the internet or if he goes on a family holiday with his wife and daughter which is completely understandable — his videos are entertaining and most of the time, motivating. He is a great role model to anyone who wants to be successful, he never gives up and never doesn’t accept excuses. You can tell he works extremely hard, he even has “work harder” on his wrist.

Since watching his vlogs, I have spent less time watching TV and if I do, it’s only to watch The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, since most TV shows aren’t as entertaining as his vlogs.

What TV show has a guy, wearing custom sunglasses, riding through traffic in NYC on a Boosted Board? You have to admit, from watching his videos, he seems to have a happy productive life.

Warning: if you hate seeing technology or equipment break, be prepared, Casey has a graveyard of mostly Canon cameras in his studio. One video he destroyed a camera with an axe and he seems to always be replacing his lens, the camera shop must really love Casey.

From a video titled ‘Canon 70D Destroyed’

His cameras break because he isn’t too protective and sees them as tools to create his videos, that’s what makes his content so good. He will race through traffic while filming himself, hang his camera of the side of a building with only two belts stopping it from falling.

One of my favourite parts of his vlogs is the drone footage he captures, we see how beautiful the NYC skyline is. He will also film a bird eye view of himself riding around the city. I honestly think he should have his own TV show, again but if he were to leave YouTube, it wouldn’t be the same.

Casey using an AXE to destroy his camera

If you’re not watching his vlogs, have access to the internet and you don’t know who Casey Neistat is, you are in for a treat — Over a year and a half worth of videos to watch, believe me you won’t want to watch TV again.

Thank you for reading, see you next time! Jack.