Prisoner of War

Since episode 1 of season 7, Negan has taken Daryl prisoner after Daryl attacked him which led to Glenn’s sudden death.

Episode 3 followed Negans group, mainly; Dwight, Negan, Sherry and Daryl.

In the episode, Daryl was fed dog food sandwiches, beaten, reminded that Glenn’s death was his fault, and thrown into a cell multiple times. Negan tried to show Daryl the good side to joining his group but when Negan asked “who are you?” expecting Daryl to say “Negan” like the rest of the group. Daryl replies — after a long pause — “Daryl” which annoyed Negan but probably made him respect and admire his loyalty to his own group.

I think eventually Daryl will decide to join Negans group and act as a double agent for Rick’s group. Daryl will probably have to gain Negans trust by hurting Rick in some way but will help Rick take down Negan from the inside, most likely with the help of Dwight.


Will Daryl (left) and Dwight (right) take down Negan?

Daryl will take Eugene’s comic book story line. In the comic, Eugene is taken prisoner by Negan and after a while, Dwight turns on Negan. Teaming up with Eugene , they successfully end Negans reign.

Dwight later joins Rick and becomes a valuable member.

Either way, Dwight and Daryl will take down Negan with Rick’s help. Hopefully Daryl isn’t killed in the process but I think Daryl will sacrifice himself to save Rick or maybe Maggie to make up for Glenn’s death.

Let me know in the comments what you think will happen this season.

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