Microsoft is my favourite company, they have rebuilt themselves and now they’re releasing innovative products.

The Microsoft logo

Five years ago, Microsoft was considered a budget, unpopular brand compared to Apple, now that’s changing. I admire Microsoft a lot but there is still quite a lot of things they have to improve if they want to keep up the momentum.

Microsoft’s products include; their impressive smartphone range “Microsoft Lumia”, their gaming console “Xbox”, their software “Microsoft Windows”, their tablets, desktops and laptops.

Their Lumia Smartphone range is great, I have a Microsoft Lumia 535 and I love it, I’ve got my eyes on the Microsoft Lumia 650 right now, which is under £100. They have a smartphone within each price point, ranging from £40-£500 based on what I’ve seen. There’s not much I would change about the design or features that each Microsoft Lumia smartphones have.

Microsoft Lumia 535

To be honest, the only thing that lets down any Microsoft product is the lack popular apps, Instagram’s Windows App is still stuck on its beta which is honestly terrible, I had to download a client app called “6tag”. There is no SnapChat, or Tumblr app, that’s not Microsoft’s fault, its the developers that choose not to develop any app for that platform.

If you are a big Pokemon Go player, unfortunately there is no app yet.

There is; Facebook, Facebook messenger and Twitter.

If I was in charge of Microsoft;

  • I would try to create some sort of deal with developers to create apps for Windows.
  • I would make no changes to the Lumia smartphone range.
  • I would change Microsoft’s tablets, even though they’re great and can easily replace a standard laptop, the price for their cheapest Microsoft tablet is £400. Their smallest screensize is 10 inches which is good but still big for some users, who use their tablets on public transport. I would release a small 7.9 inch tablet that was under £200, that would be able to compete with Apple’s iPad mini range.
Microsoft Surface Book
  • I would release different version’s of the Microsoft Surface Book which would include; a thin 11.5inch model “Microsoft Surface Book S”, a 13inch model “Microsoft Surface Book M” and a 15inch model “Microsoft Surface Book L”. I would aim to have the price starting from £700-£1,300. I would get rid of the rear facing camera and use a 1.2MP front facing camera.
  • I would continue to licence Microsoft Windows Operating System but stop letting companies use it on 2-in-1 laptop tablets because in my opinion, 2-in-1 laptops are garbage.
Microsoft Surface Studio
  • I would keep the Microsoft Surface Studio desktop and wouldn’t make any changes to that. I would aim to release a Microsoft Surface Studio Mini tower similar to what the Mac Mini is.
  • I would continue what is already being done with the Xbox consoles. I wouldn’t release a completely new version of the Xbox One like what Sony has done with the PlayStation 4 Pro, you should make your console to the best of your ability and release it without having plans of upgrading it within the next four years. I would stick to a six year console cycle.

I love what Microsoft are doing at the moment and I am no technology expert but if I was in charge I would make the changes above.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, thank you!

See you next time,