Ever since Call of Duty: Ghosts, the community hasn’t stopped complaining about the franchise and the futuristic setting, they want a modern or World War setting again but some believe Call of Duty is finished, which I think it is too.

My first Call of Duty was Modern Warfare so I was happy when it is was announced that a Remastered version would be released alongside Infinite Warfare. However, I was disappointed when I found out that you have to purchase the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition to get it. I have heard rumours that it will eventually be released as a standalone game but right now, its only a rumour.

The past four Call of Duty games haven’t been as good as they should have been either Campaign or Multiplayer wise. Ghosts was ok but it had a lot of issues, AW introduced a new movement system which was a big change and players wanted to return to boots on the ground which they thought the next Treyarch game would be but unfortunately it was just a slightly better boost movement system similar to Destiny.

What I loved about MW, World at War and MW2 was how simple it was. Run, jump and shoot but now you can boost jump, wall run, slide and lean (Ghosts and Infinite Warfare). It has just become complicated and I can no longer relax while playing because of the fast movements.

Most of the older generation of CoD players have given up on the franchise including myself. I will probably return if MW Remastered becomes a standalone game but if I was in charge of Activision, I would stick to one developer on a three year cycle — so every three years there’s a new Call of Duty game and reboot the franchise starting from World War 1 again. Returning to boots on the ground and simple create a class options.

In my opinion it is the best way to avoid further damaging the franchise and rebuilding its community.

Thank you for reading my rant, see you next time.