I may be a little inpatient…

Technology is always changing and companies are always coming up with new ideas — some of them do not work out and some do.

Desktops were popular at first because it was obviously the only computer on the market but when laptops came out, they overtook desktops since they were more portable and convenient. Even though desktops are more powerful, laptops can be taken anywhere and fit nicely into a backpack.

Now, tablets have been out for quite awhile, companies are starting to release their own tablets. For example; Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Amazon and a few more. Most tablets are very limited by what they can do, quite a lot of them do not come with USB ports — apart from the Microsoft Surface range.

Right now, in my personal opinion, tablets are just oversized, may be slightly more powerful smartphones. Lets be honest, everything you can do on a standard tablet, you can do on a smartphone — the only noticeable difference is the screen size.

Tablets should be putting pressure on laptops, I know there is 2-in-1 laptops but some of them aren’t as good as they could/should be.

Lenovo YOGA Book

I heard the Lenovo YOGA Book is a great 2-in-1 tablet but the price point is £450.

Apples iPad range is going in the right direction, the price point is reasonable and their “tablets” come in different sizes, but they’re still limited in what they can do. You can’t upload documents onto a website from the device. For example; uploading CV’s onto job searching sites.

I used to own an iPad mini 1st gen, which I loved and used all of the time but when it came to applying for jobs, I had to switch to my laptop that takes up more so I eventually sold my iPad.

iPad Mini size

Soon, tablets will be the new laptops and laptops will be the new desktop — I hope. I just think tablets have more potential and should be pushed to their limit instead of being an oversized smartphone.

I have a lot of hope for tablets and I am looking forward to seeing what’s released in the next five years and hopefully the price point isn’t too high that the average consumer doesn’t have to break the bank to buy it.

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