Warning: this article will have spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1, so if you have not watched the episode yet, please do not read any further!

The big bad Negan portrayed by Jeffery Dean Morgan

Finally, after months of waiting to find out who the unlucky person was, we find out but it wasn’t just one beloved character. It was two. The episode starting after Negan had killed two members of Ricks group.

Rick looks shocked as he sees his friend’s bodies lay motionless on the ground, he manages to speak and you know how Rick is, he threatens Negan.

“I’m going to kill you”

Negan doesn’t take his threat seriously and drags him into the RV carrying an axe. Negan takes Rick on a trip and drives through a foggy road. While he’s driving, he runs over a few walkers and one scene made me laugh, a walker’s head explodes as it hits the RV’s widescreen and Negan unexpectedly asks Rick

“Does that remind you of anyone you know?”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a fantastic job portraying the big bad Negan and I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing him.

Negan stops the RV by the burning logs from the Season 6 Finale and that’s what has been causing the fog. Negan throws the axe on top of the RV and tells Rick to get it. He then throws Rick out, Rick fights through the walkers to the ladder and as he climbs up, the flashbacks begin.

On top of the RV, Rick thinks about the kills.

Abraham takes it like a “champ”

Abraham is picked first, takes it like a champ and afterwards Negan demands a crying Rosita looks at a bloody Lucille. Daryl jumps up and punches Negan in the face, Daryl is tackled down and Dwight offers to kill him but Negan declines. Daryl is taken back into the line-up and Negan explains that he wants to make a good first impression and the first interruption was free but the second won’t be.

Glenn after the first interruption

He then swings the bat around and hits Glenn, Glenn gets his iconic comic book death. Glenn manages to say

“Maggie, I’ll find you”

Negan begins to apologise and then continues to Lucille Glenn.

I have never been so shocked before about a TV show, I began to hate Daryl for attacking Negan and I know Maggie will be blaming Daryl for Glenn’s death.

I heard rumours that Negan would kill two members of the group and I knew Abraham was going to die since he avoided his comic book death.

A weak Daryl after being shot by Dwight

Before watching the episode, I found out Glenn was going to die as well but the way he dies is unforgettable and you can see Daryl will be feeling responsible as well. This is the first time I have been speechless after watching The Walking Dead and I think the show runners did an amazing job, it was worth the wait and I am excited for the rest of the season.

It’s sad to see two talented actors leave the show in such a gruesome way but they portrayed Abraham and Glenn better than anyone else could of.

Their death scenes will always be remembered forever in TV history.

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