It seems every time I go on YouTube, there is always some sort of drama. It can be extremely annoying because its promoting negativity and most of the stories are exaggerated.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos, like most people that have access to the internet and I love watching videos that encourage people to be happy and positive.

I first found Roman Atwood’s prank channel when he tried to prank his girlfriend, Britteny, by “confessing” to cheating on her but she had an confession too, she told him she had cheated as well. Roman reacted like any man would of, if the girl you loved, told you she had been unfaithful. You saw Roman’s heart break and lose his will to live.

A screenshot of the video

Thankfully it was a prank, she saw Roman set up the camera and wanted to turn the tables. Roman has never been able to get her back as good as the fake cheating prank.

Afterwards, I started to watch his vlogs. Back then, I thought pranksters as immature YouTubers that enjoyed confusing people, but Roman was the complete opposite and unlike the pranksters I watched, he let you see what goes on in his day to day life. He has two sons, Noah (from a previous relationship) and Kane (with Britteny), he also has a baby on the way, you can see they are loving, caring parents and Britteny treats Noah as if he was her own son.

He has just passed 10 million subscribers and he deserves every single subscriber. I can’t imagine how many lives he has changed by promoting a positive message “Smile More” which he encourages his viewers to do in every video.

The Atwood Family

I have never watched one of Roman’s videos and heard him complain and be negative. His attitude and personality can be seen in his son’s, they are always happy.

Vloggers mostly focus on their daily lives, as you expect, but in Roman’s vlogs it is a family channel. Roman, Brittany and Noah have all taken turns vlogging. Viewers question why Britteny hasn’t created her own vlogging channel but in a way, she is a vlogger now and we see what happens in her life through Roman since they spend a lot of time together, as loving couples do.

If you haven’t watched any of his vlogs, I highly recommend you start as soon as possible. Watch them in the mornings before you start your day, it will help you start on a positive note.

Roman Atwood

His vlogging channel is RomanAtwoodVlogs

His prank channel is RomanAtwood

Let me know in the comments, if you already watch his videos and what you think.

See you next time,