Everyone wants a simple life, who doesn’t? but a lot of people over complicate their lives by filling it with useless stuff and people that just hold them back.

How many shoes do you own? How many people in your life actually make you feel good about yourself? I love the saying “less is more” because even though, it may sound strange, it is true. The less you own, the more you can be free and do the things you want without having to keep track of everything.

Do you need over five pairs of shoes? Do you really need all those collectables that you think will be worth something “in the future”? Just set yourself free.

I like to be able to fit my life into a few bags that I can easily carry anywhere I want/need. I know it may sound like I am paranoid but I don’t know when I’ll have to get up and leave, I have moved more than anyone I know has ever done in the past three years and it was such a struggle but it made me realise I over-complicated my life and that I have so much stuff I don’t actually need, I just keep it “just in case”.

Steve Jobs liked to keep it simple

I hate having too many choices, I love being able to quickly pick something without having to think too much into it. I like having one or two aftershaves to pick from, I like having a little amount of clothes to choose from.

I suffer with OCD and it takes a lot of my time already so I like to try and make every decision as quick as possible, not over-thinking anymore than what I already do.

Keep it simple.

I understand not everyone wants to get rid of their things but if you want a free life, let go of the things that do not mean anything to you and let go of “just in case” items. Go with the flow.

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