As most Call of Duty fans, I started with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007 and I loved the next few games that came out afterwards (World At War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 — kind of) but we can all admit Call of Duty has lost its popularity in the past couple of instalments.

Overgrown on COD4 from 2007

The Call of Duty community complain about a lot of things which some are justified such as the new movement system and the “pay-to-win” items in the supply drops. The supply drops were just a business decision from Activison which made them a lot of money in Advanced Warfare. It only makes sense that they will include it in every Call of Duty that comes out, a lot of people actually pay for COD points, most likely YouTubers.

It was a no-brainer that Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare were going to have DLC weapons that can only be unlocked through Supply Drops but no one knew if Modern Warfare Remastered would have an additional DLC apart from the Variety Map Pack which was in the original game.

A few pictures have been leaked and players are worried the Remastered game will have Supply Drops. I am on the fence with this, it would be good to have new maps but could it ruin what Call of Duty 4 was? or could new DLC make it a better game?

I think new weapons will ruin how the game runs and make it unbalanced like how Black Ops 3 was, there were so many guns that were overpowered and you could only get them in the Supply Drops which took forever to unlock so most players who could afford to, bought COD points and that made it unfair to the casual players.

New DLC maps is a great idea and would stop the game from becoming boring and repetitive. We don’t know how long it will be until another Call of Duty takes players away from MWR. It could be a year or may be three years, imagine playing the same maps over and over for a year or more, you would get tired of playing on Overgrown, wouldn’t you?

A great new feature in MWR: Inspect your weapon

I can see MWR having Supply Drops or something very similar in the future and I understand it is a great money maker for a Activision but it will eventually ruin the game if the leaks are true and they include weapons. It will ruin how older fans felt about the original Call of Duty 4 and damage the franchise even more.

If I were Activison, I would just have gun camos and character customisation items in the Supply Drops to prevent the game from becoming unbalanced.

Let me know what you think in the comments and let me know what Call of Duty is your favourite. Thank you.

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