If I could take two people from The Walking Dead to be a part of my team in a zombie apocalypse, good or bad, I would choose:

Morgan Jones

The man that saved Rick back in the first episode of Season One, the man take came back from a very dark place and is now a peaceful mentor in the insane world of The Walking Dead. I would without a doubt pick Morgan because of how calm he is under pressure and he tries to resolves any conflict with a peaceful outcome but he will only take deadly action if needed, for example; saving someone he loves/cares about. He is skilled with guns and with his staff. He is very skilled at constructing, this is proven when he built a jail cell for Rick so “next time he has options”.

He is a valuable member to Rick’s group and would be a valuable member to any group he joined.

Carl Grimes

The future serial killer as Negan calls him. He is the son of the shows lead character, Rick Grimes, and big brother to Judith. He has been through some horrible things;

  • He had to shot his dead Mum after she died giving birth to Judith, to prevent her from turning.
  • He witnessed Hershel being beheaded by the Governor at the prison.
  • He witnessed Abraham and Glenn get Lucille’d.
  • He is quite fearless and is very skilled with a gun. He is the type of person you can rely on to take out a number of enemies.

I can see Carl growing up to be a great leader like Rick but have a temper similar to Shane Walsh, Judith’s possible Father.

Let me know in the comments below, who your two members would be!

See you next time,