Whenever I go and stay away for a while, I always try to pack as less as possible. This is what I usually pack:

  1. Acer Aspire one 1–431 laptop: I use my laptop to write and edit all of my blogs. It has 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage which fills ups fast so external storage is needed and its running the latest Windows 10 Operating System. It is under £200.

2. Microsoft Lumia 535 — White: This phone is amazing. It is great for photography, it has a 5MP front and back camera and it has a free editing software that you can download from the Store called “Lumia Creative Studio”. Unfortunately, it is only 3G and it doesn’t have a lot of popular apps to download such as Pokemon GO, Medium.com and more. Its under £50.

3. 5000mAh dual-USB Solar Panel Power Bank : I really wanted a power bank but I wanted to find one with solar panels so if I go out and both my phone and power bank runs out of power, I can still charge my devices. I looked on eBay and surprising I found one. Its under £10.

4. Headphones: Just a cheap pair of headphones, it isn’t the best but it does the job. Its under £1.

5. USB wall charger

6. Micro USB date cable

This is everything I pack, it isn’t a lot but its everything I need and hopefully one day, I can replace the laptop with a tablet so I have more space.

See you next time,