…after completing a course for Networks

Since I was younger, everyone told me to pursue a career in IT since that’s where all the jobs would be. So in 2013, I “took” their advice and started a Level 2 course in IT Networks.

At first, I was just eager to take apart and reassemble a computer because that’s what I was told the course would involve, it did but it was just a small unit. Another unit I loved was, web developing but that went by so quickly, I hardly learned anything. The rest of the course was mostly writing about what everything means; HTML, different viruses, different security methods businesses could use and more. I hated it, I still completed every task to the best of my ability and I never became lazy, just my heart wasn’t in it but it was far too late to change courses and I wasn’t going to give up.

My certificate

So, I stayed and I was either the top of my class or one of the top students of my class. I earned a Distinction grade.

I received my certificates and I tried looking for a job in IT.


They wanted experience.

But before I started the course, companies wanted education and training would be provided. What a difference a year can make.

I felt like I wasted my time, I worked hard and at first, it seemed as if it was all for nothing.

Even though, I haven’t got a job in IT, I know a lot now about computers, as you’d expect.

I learned a lot from the whole situation, make your own decisions in life! Don’t be forced or dictated. I felt forced to do the course and when I wanted to switch courses, I was in terrible.

I wish I stood up to the person and put my foot down but at the time, I didn’t want the hassle.

Learn from my mistake, stand up for yourself and do what is best for you!

Steve Jobs talks about being trapped by dogma and don’t waste your life living someone else’s life.

Follow your own path, not someone else’s, do whats best for you and your future!

Thank you!

See you next time,