This article does contain spoilers — kind of

Morgan with his son, Duane in Season One

We first met Morgan Jones all the way back in Season One Episode One “Days Gone Bye” where Morgan and his son, Duane, first meet Rick Grimes after he wakes up from his coma and takes him in, tells him what is going on and by the end of the episode, Rick leaves for Atlanta to find his wife, Lori and son,Carl.

Morgan is left in a difficult position, he has to choose whether to kill his undead wife Jenny or let her roam the streets, possibly killing someone.

Carl shooting Morgan in Season Three

We don’t see Morgan again until Season Three Episode Twelve, where Rick, Carl and Michonne go on a supply run and encounter him after he shoots at them from a rooftop. When Morgan gets down from the rooftop, Carl shoots him and when he falls down — thinking he is dead — Rick finds out it’s Morgan and he was thankfully wearing body armour, meaning he is only unconscious.

Later that day, Morgan wakes up and informs Rick that while Morgan and Duane were clearing out a store, undead Jenny appeared and bit Duane, who later turned. At the end of the episode, Rick offers Morgan to come back with him to the Prison but Morgan declines. They go their separate ways again until Season Five Episode Sixteen after Morgan — searching for Rick — saves Daryl and Aaron who were trapped by walkers. When Daryl asks why, Morgan replies “Because all like is precious, Daryl” and its clear that Morgan is a changed man.

Morgan looks shocked

Morgan is reunited with Rick shortly after Rick executed Pete in front of the Alexandria community.

In Season Six, we see how different Morgan is, he doesn’t agree with killing and believes everyone can change, the same way he did. When the community is attacked by the evil group that call themselves “Wolves”, Morgan lets a few of them escape and one of them picked up a gun from a dead body, who later attack Rick in the RV. Morgan also takes a Wolf prisoner that he encountered back in Season Five on his search for Rick and hides him in an unoccupied house.

In the fourth episode of Season Six “Here’s Not Here”, Morgan tells his story to the Wolf. In his flashback, Morgan spends his time hunting and killing Walkers and sometimes, the living.

One day he attempts to kill a man in the woods but is knocked out by the mysterious man. He wakes up inside a cell in a cabin, the man introduces himself as Eastman and hands Morgan a book called “The Art of Peace by Morihei Ueshiba” and at first, Morgan refuses to read it but later in the episode, decides to read it. Throughout the episode, we see Morgan slowly changes thanks to Eastman, who teaches him Aikido.

At the end of the episode, Eastman is bitten by a walker and dies. Morgan buries him and leaves the cabin to find Rick.

Morgan with Ben (Centre) and a few members of the Kingdom

Fast forward to Season Seven Episode Two, Morgan is at the Kingdom after saving Carol from a member of Negans group, training Ben the same way Eastman trained Morgan.

Morgan is my favourite character on the show because he is proof that no one is “too far gone”and can come back from a dark place and a completely new and improved person. He went from a crazy murderer to a peaceful mentor.

He is also fearless and cares about everyone including the people he is defending himself against, which sometimes puts him and his group in tough situations — e.g; when he lets the attacking Wolves escape, as I mentioned before, attacks Rick in the RV. Forcing Rick to use an AK-47 to kill the rest of the Wolves which attracted Walkers to him. It is such a big domino effectwhich leads to the Walkers over running Alexandria…think about it — but his heart is always in the right place and he will only kill if it means saving someone he cares about/loves.

He isn’t the type of person to just attack — like Rick — he will look for a peaceful outcome where both sides walk away happy.

Negan in prison (from the comics)

Even though he is my favourite character and Lennie James is an amazing actor, I doubt Morgan will survive the war with Negan. At the end , Rick will spare Negans life and throw him in the cell Morgan built to honour him.

Let me know in the comments who your favourite character is.

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