You can change your world, not the world.

There’s a difference between your world and the world; your world is what is in your life, what you can see and what actually affects your daily life — and the world is obviously Earth.

Your happiness should be focused and based inside your world not the world. You have to be picky in what you allow in your world and do not become distracted by the world. Focus on what you love (passions) and who you love/care about. Say goodbye to negative people and hold onto great people. It doesn’t make who they are — if they’re not helping you in any way, throw them away.

Three years ago, I finally did this — I packed my stuff and left after years of mental abuse, I needed to do that to achieve what I have always wanted; a world filled with love and peace.

I quickly realised I had no control over what happens in the world — there is a lot of bad people out there but I refuse to let them into my world and affect/distract me, I can only control what is in my life.

Focus on what’s important and your passions as if there wasn’t an entire world out there, the only world is your world, the things that affect you and what you see so make sure its positive — if it’s not drop it.

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see you next time,

JB 🙂