You need to know people around you, what are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? Will they lift you up or stand on you when you’re down? And what would you do if they were down?

Understand this, no one in life owes you a thing, not your Dad, Mum, Nan,Grandad — No one. And you don’t owe anyone anything neither. When you start to feel entitled to something, you lose, someone has a hold on you and you let them.

As a kid, I asked for everything but now, as an adult, I ask for nothing. Gifts, especially expensive ones, give others the power to control you. Think — has anyone said carry on and I’ll take that back off of you”? You probably heard that as a kid but that is different. If you’re an adult and you hear this, walk away, whatever it is — disconnect yourself from it.

Just because you’re related it doesn’t give that person a special pass to walk all over you. If a relative pushes you around, push back — not with violence but with a smile — they can hurt you physically but nothing hurts more mentally than being strong minded when trying to break someone.

Everyone will hurt you some day, some how and the pain will never go away. You can break a glass and rebuild it but the cracks will still remain — that is the same with the human heart. Once someone hurts you in any way shape or form, you will never forget it but always forgive because you deserve it, not them.

You are your biggest fan and priority — unless you have kids, then you have two priorities. Make sure you are politely selfish and what I mean by politely selfish is; if you do not want to do something, don’t do it. Do you not fall to peer pressure and do not purposely put yourself in uncomfortable situations — for anyone. But do not be rude and ignorant about it.

People who moan about you it is more of a reflection on themselves than you. Low people have to drag people down to make themselves feel better. Do not worry about what someone says when you’re not around, there’s a reason they do not say it around you — you are too strong to bring down.

Loyalty, peace and happiness is all you need in life — do not chase the money or fame — work on yourself.

Money is a tool and the deadliest weapon, do not fall into the trap of being someone’s robot and be controlled by anyone because they pay for you. There’s a reason they pay you to do it.