When I was growing up, people around me joked about mental health, they painted this picture in my head as a kid that someone with mental health disorders were “crazy” and not “normal” so when it came to me opening about my disorder (OCD etc.), I kept it to myself until I left those people behind.

Just because someone has a mental health disorder, it doesn’t mean they’re crazy or scary, if you chose to not be so judgemental and take the “risk” to get to know that person, you’ll understand why they’re the person they are today.

They/We/You are normal.

I blame today’s society.

At school, no one is taught about this topic, but we are taught useless math equations that we are unlikely to use in a realistic daily situation. We are not shown to accept each other regardless of what is wrong or right with them.

If kids are taught now and explained that mental health could affect everyone at any time without warning, what the symptoms of different disorders are and how to treat it, it would be a step in the right direction to bringing the world closer together.

It’s horrible that people are shown to avoid people that they consider “not normal”. By thinking like this, you’re isolating those people for no good reason, because of something that have no control of.

May be if more people were educated about this, more people would openly seek help without suffering in silence. With all the bad things happening in this world, we should be pulling together instead of pulling apart and categorising people.

Just imagine what this world could be.

See you next time,