My opinion on the TV show

The show returns on 12th February and there is a lot that is about to happen to lead up to the All Out War story arc from the comics.
The views have been dropping recently and it makes me ask: how long is it going to go on for? And how will it end?

Robert Kirkman, the Creator, stated that he wanted the show to last until Season 10 or further. I read a long time ago that the comic will out live the show. When the show ends will it be a hint to how the comic will end?

Fans thought that it would end with Rick waking up from his coma, making the whole thing a dream — However Kirkman ruled out this rumour. Its not a dream.

Another great theory is the Old Man Carl Theory which is an old Carl telling his story — making it all a flashback.

I personally like this idea.

An old Carl Grimes telling his community — may be at Alexandria, the history before the New World Order, May be its slowly going back to how it was — meaning: there’s laws, jobs but there is the occasional Walker.

Carl could have a new born son, Judith could be in her late teens/early 20’s practising a skill or on a apprenticeship at one of the many communities. Rick passed away due to old age and Carl took over as the leader but may be that is too predictable.


Instead of being the leader of Alexandria, Carl chose to take a less stressful role at the community but he is telling Rick’s story to show the community how the new leader should be. Judith could even be the person he is telling the story to, so she knows what her Dad was like. Rick could of died while she was still quite young.

I know I’m not the only one who wants to know how it ends without it actually ending. It’s a great show but they’re now changing because of sensitive fans so it makes me wonder how long before the views become too low and they’re forced to end the show early.

Let me know what you think!

See you next time,