I was first introduced to video games when I was two years old, believe it or not, when I stayed at my Nan’s — she would grab my older cousins Nintendo 64 and I would play Turok on it, I loved dinosaurs.

Turok on the N64

Ever since then I have had A LOT of consoles; PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, DS Lite, most of the gameboy’s and most recently the PS4. People say you can’t learn nothing from video games but I disagree — this is four important things that video games have taught me over the years.

SW: Bounty Hunter on the PS2
  1. Patience: When you’re playing, sometimes there’s levels that seem impossible to complete. You have to take your time and think about what’s going on. Some levels you can rush in but then sometimes you need to sit back and take your time. May be even take a break and after a while come back to it.
  2. Problem solving: Most of the games I played where for much older kids, this meant having to solve puzzles/problems in the game. I recently went back and played Star Wars: Bounty Hunter on the PS4 and I am shocked that I managed to get through the levels at such a young age. You’re not shown where to go, you just have to find the way.
  3. If you see no enemies, you’re going the wrong way: In life, people will judge you, hate you and moan about you — sometimes for no reason but its OK because it shows you that you’re going in the right direction. People will try anything to stop you from reaching your goals. In video games, when you’re reaching the end of the level, enemies will appear to stop you from completing your mission.
  4. You have to progress to get the good stuff: When you first start a game, you are given the useless, weak stuff but when you go through the game you get better and strong weapons etc. In life, you have to start from the very bottom and progress higher and higher to get the best things in life. There’s no short cuts.