I’m a big gamer, I was raised playing them, there’s nothing better than coming home after a bad day and turning on your console. I love a good story that drags you in and ends with you wanting more, The Last of Us is a great example, I’m so excited for Part 2 so I can find out what happened to Joel and Ellie after the first game. The trailer alone left me with a lot of questions.

The Last of Us Part 2 Art

Yes, video games are expensive but a good game that takes you out of reality is well worth it, believe me. Obviously, don’t spend the last of your money on it.

Throughout the years, video games have helped me through some very tough times; being bullied, feeling anxious and a lot more. Whenever I have felt sad, angry, happy or bored – I have had a game to play. Like I said, its the best and quickest way to escape reality, temporarily forget about your problems and give some breathing space.


I have learned a lot more valuable lessons from playing video games than I have from actual people, most importantly – never give up, try again and again, it’ll feel good when you succeed because of all the effort you put into it.

Yes, video games can be bad – at times – it is very isolating if you spend all your time in front of the TV but that’s why you limit yourself and find another hobby. Mine is writing, I love to write and – for me, its another way to escape reality by creating my own world.


I highly recommend it.

One bad thing about video games, you get developers that mostly focus on Multiplayer and either, they create a copy/paste,boring and lazy Single player or they completely take it out – so if you don’t have a good,reliable internet connection, you’re going to have a bad time.

The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, Fallout and Gears of War are all good examples of games that have great story modes and are worth playing multiple times. I would advise staying away from Multiplayer only games.

Fallout 4 Art

To some people, a video game is an expensive hobby to do when you’re bored but to true gamer’s, its a work of art that deserves your full attention. You just have to pick the right game and have the right mindset.