This is a list of my all time favourite video games that I have played throughout the years, they’re from my childhood to recent releases. Each one I highly recommend, if you haven’t played them yet.

  • The Last of Us/Remastered| PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 | Naughty Dog

I still love this game to this day, the story was amazing – I admit the first opening scene got to me and the bond between Joel and Ellie by the end of the game was like Father and Daughter. I love when you play a game and you feel like you’re watching a movie. If you own a PlayStation 3 or 4 and haven’t picked up this game, I highly recommend you go to your video game shop and buy it. The sequel will be released hopefully sometime in 2018 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pushed back to early 2019.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront II | PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows and PSP | Pandemic Studios

I was given this game in 2006 on the PSP as a gift, I love Star Wars and everyone at my school was playing it. I loved going into battle as a Jedi or Sith, battling in space and running around the battlefield as a Clone Trooper or Droid. I played some of the story mode but obviously being a kid, I didn’t follow it. When I heard EA was rebooting the franchise, I was worried, a reboot is most of the time never as good as the original and to me, it feels like a Battlefield game with a Star Wars Mod on it. I am looking forward to getting a PS Vita so I can download this game on it and relive those memories.

  • Call of Duty: World at War | PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Windows | Treyarch

Back when Call of Duty was good and fun, in 2008 – Treyarch released World at War, the last CoD to be set in WWII. I loved every mode of this game, Campaign was a lot of fun (and gore), Multiplayer was fast paced (for me) and Zombie was a new mode back then, it was a great coop mode to play with other players or by yourself. Unfortunately, these days are long gone and Call of Duty is filled quick scopers, micro transactions and glitches.

  • Resistance: Fall of Man (1) – 3 | PlayStation 3 | Insomniac Games

Xbox had Gears of War and PlayStation had Resistance, both games were good. Resistance was set around 1949 – 1953, you take control of Nathan Hale to fight an alien species called the Chimera that have invaded Earth and are infecting Humans which artificial evolves them to become Chimera soldiers. I won’t spoil anything for anyone but I recommend this game, if you still own a PlayStation 3. You won’t be disappointed.